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AgBag Kit

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The AgBag Kit

Core Kit: everything you need to start and document your AgBag.
– AgBag
– Plants (choose from high or low sun exposure depending on your conditions)
– GardenWatch Camera for timelapse documentation
– How to guide for setup and participation in the Environmental Health Clinic AgBag Project.

Delux Kit
– AgBag Core Kit (above)
– Automated watering system to ensure your plant growth.

2 Responses to “AgBag Kit”
  1. @ferclaro Says:


  2. Maria Boyadjieva Says:

    Hi Natalie,

    I attended the Lucid event last week where I saw you talk. I wish there had been more time for you. I loved your zipline ideas.
    I was also very interested in the AgBag project. I wanted to inquire about how one can get one or two after the talk, but you were surrounded by people.
    So, how do I get a AgBag :-)

    Thanks a lot, Maria

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