November 16, 2007

One Tree(s)

An information envionrment that involves electronic and biological instrumentation using a distributed instrument of genetically identical (cloned) trees planted throughout the San Francisco bay area; electronic clones; CO2 meters.

OneTree(s) is a public experiment that generates (material, scientific and cultural) evidence and public spectacles on issues of environmental and political concern. In the case of OneTree(s), global warming, air quality, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are currently being addressed. Other issues and parameters are in development.

Additionally the OneTree(s) project can be contrasted to mainstream representations of global environmental issues. The popular press introduces these into the public imagination as scientific discoveries and facts, with no access to the material evidence on which the truth claims are based. This promotes the passive consumption of ‘facts’ vs the active interpretation, even contestation that we can see in the OneTrees ‘faqs’. Below, is a selection of FAQs that viewers have addressed to the OneTrees project, demonstrating some of the complex questions that the public viewers pose, and engage.

See the OneTree(s) project website

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