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Cross[X]Species Cookbook

Monday, August 9th, 2010
The Cross[X]Species Club is launching a accompanying cookbook in 3 formats – viewable on the ipad, iphone, and as an ebook.

August 21st 2010 at the Neuberger Museum

Friday, August 6th, 2010
4PM Hands-on workshop introducing molecular gastronomy, nutrient cycling and the effects of the oil spill on connected environments

6PM An extravagant 5 course cross(x)species dining experience for the adventurous. Delicious edibles with paired alcoholic drinks trace the transport of oil thru effected ecosystems.

EXPLORE emerging food systems that augment biodiversity and improve environmental health.

INVEST in a biodiverse future.

LOCATION: NEUBERGER MUSEUM OF ART 41° 2′ 19.2444″N 73° 41′ 51.0432″W
Purchase College, State University of New York, 735 Anderson Hill Road, Purchase, NY 10577-1400

PRICE: For workshop and dinner $125

RSVP: (914)251-6115
To reserve a seat, please click the button below to proceed:

Taste a biodiverse and delicious future!
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