Natalie Jeremijenko

Founder, Director, SuperOrganism

Natalie Jeremijenko is an artist and engineer developing Mutualistic Systems and Natural Systems Design. In 2014 VIDA Art and Artificial Life International Awards Pioneer Prize was awarded to Jeremijenko ``for her consistently brilliant portfolio of work over the past two decades.” Awarded the 2013 Most Innovative People, named one of the most influential women in technology 2011, one of the inaugural top young innovators by MIT Technology Review and 40 most influential designers, Jeremijenko directs the Environmental Health Clinic and is an Associate Professor in the Visual Art Department at NYU, also affiliated with their Computer Science Department and Environmental Studies program. Previously she was on the Visual Arts faculty at UCSD, Faculty of Engineering at Yale University, a visiting professor at Royal College of Art in London, a Distinguished Visiting Professor in the Public Understanding of Science at Michigan State University, and a Visiting Global Distinguished Professor at they NYU College of Arts and Sciences. Her degrees are in biochemistry, engineering, neuroscience and History and Philosophy of Science.


Hassen Saker

Production Geniusification, Studio Manager, & Intelligence Officer

Hassen is an experimental transmedia creator & performer working with texts, video, audio, photography, & general ephemerals. She is a published poet & documentary filmmaker with experience in green/sustainable business & w/ executive/steering committees of non-profit organizations.


Fede Amore

Project Wizard

In 2003, Fede began his artistic study in experimental performance and photography with a focus in body movement and expression. Living in Europe since 2000, he has performed at international festivals in various locations. He currently lives between Paris, Barcelona and New York and participates in the artistic development and staging of international projects by artist Natalie Jeremijenko.


Fernando Cremades

Fernando Cremades has studied art and architecture in Madrid and his final thesis project was about a strategy of reduction of radioactivity for Chernobyl. His research is focused on the observation of natural micro bio-systems and thinking of new ways of the organization of life.


Jamba Rae

Social Media Strategist, Project Leader

Jamba Rae, xCLINIC social media strategist is project leader on the TREExCLOUD data coordinating the student INVESTMENT campaigns calling for universities to invest in data infrastructure that does NOT degrade human and environmental health, and DOES use clean energy improve air, water and soil quality. This involves grabbing the attention of millennials, directing it to the extraordinary costs of our cloud infrastructure (more damaging than the entire airline industry); making waste-to-energy systems cool and interesting; and other related challenges. Project coordinator for the BIKExMESSENGER project launch in Mexico City and continuing development of this public media project.



Kate Rich

Kate Rich is a trade artist and feral economist, born in Australia and living in Bristol UK. She is co-founder with Natalie Jeremijenko of the Bureau of Inverse Technology (BIT), an international agency producing an array of critical information products. Since 2003 she has run Feral Trade, a grocery business, underground freight network and long range economic experiment forging new 'wild' trade routes across business, art and social interaction. She is volunteer finance manager at Bristol's Cube Microplex; co-creator of the open source soft drink Cube-Cola; and a founding member of the European Sail Cargo Alliance. Her ongoing preoccupation is to move deeper into the infrastructure of trade, administration, organisation and economy.


Matthew L. Schwartz, MBA

Matt Schwartz is a graduate student at the University at Buffalo School of Social Work and a case manager at Jewish Family Service of Buffalo & Erie County. While Matt's personal practice of social work is oriented at the micro level (working one-on-one with clients), his research interests are entirely mezzo: focusing in on how businesses and other enterprises can leverage their services and products for the benefit of the communities in which they reside. This has lead to projects such as Food Gnomes, a radical and free mobile food pantry, and social work distribution system that questions the notion of the current delivery of services in urban, suburban, and rural communities, and to Matt's collaboration with the xCLINIC.


Jake Richardson

Jake Richardson is a designer living and working in NYC/BK. Raised on a steady diet of Midwestern nice, card games, and competitive sports, he is constantly reminded he didn’t grow up around here. Jake is comfortable in many situations, from art exhibitions to corporate work. Above all, he is looking to solve problems with simple solutions. He has spent a decade working in a variety of design fields—branding, packaging, print, presentation, iconography, digital, experiential, installation, map making.

Constantly curious, Jake is always learning, tinkering, or fixing. He’s the guy in New York with a tool for everything. Hobbies include photography, DIY projects, biking, snowboarding, traveling, and hunting for vinyl records.

Jake received his BFA in Visual Communication from Kendall College of Art & Design in Grand Rapids, MI. He received his MFA in Collaborative Design from the Pacific Northwest College of Artin Portland, OR.


Cassandra L. Fraser


William Mitsch

Editor of Environmental Engineering



King spider orchid (Caladenia pectinata),


Niels Bak

Niels Bak is currently finishing his masters degree in Digital Design - IT, Aesthetics and Interaction at Aarhus University. He is a critical designer and maker who wish to improve human as well as non-human life.


Colin Swenson