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About This Project
BUTTERFLYxBRIDGE provides butterflies with flyovers to navigate the obstacles of urban settings (aka streets). Planted with enticing flowering perennials, it lures them above dangerous traffic, and demonstrates the possibilities of  e-imagining urban infrastructure to account for the diverse species with which we share space and resources.
The tyvek-based bridge design is high-tensile but it supports intensive plantings using the micropores permeable to air but not water. Using Tyvek, roots are oxygenated and moisture is conserved. Soil drains into a SoilMoist (polyacrylamide gel), re-releasing when soil is sufficiently dry reducing plant stress due to wet/dry cycles. Tyvek is a printable commercial material that comply with most banner permit requirements, yet there is significantly less windload than on a conventional banner.

Butterfly Bridges hung in early spring to connect routes between the the park to one or several of the nearby schools or community centers or even retail outlets in the parking lot.

While the bridges cross roads and make the butterfly presence palpable, the routes can incorporate many existing hedgerows, established trees and meadow patches thru private front and backyards to connect the route.