If TREExCLOUD data captures 10% of the data storage market, which is possible with universities, schools, and public research institutions alone, we predict a measurable geoengineering effect on the wet tropics. This is the most significant available and only no-regrets Negative Emissions Technology (NET). Further there is a probable impact on the desert conflict latitudes that could relieve environmental stressors contributing to agricultural failure, mass urban migration and civic and political conflict.

About This Project

TREExCLOUD couples the fastest growing digital  industry-cloud data services to the most critical human health indicator - Leaf Area Index.  Because of the size of this market and current expansion of data  infrastructure we plan to harness this market to address the scale of climate change, with good evidence.  By contrast, TREExOFFICE, owned and operated by the tree,  demonstrates the Rights of Nature in contemporary co-working space terms and  generate revenue for urban natural systems. The Kitchen is Closed is a community kitchen and distributed local energy cooperative with co-benefits of improving local air and soil quality and preventing the distribution of waste (which is not only costly but also human-health-degrading). Designing structures of ownership appropriate for the systems involved, open mapping of revenue flow and nutrient cycles, and developing powerful metrics that are both measurable and meaningful to trump private and corporate interests are part of the BENEFITxBENEFIT analysis required to produce effective mutualistic systems design. Human and environmental health are the best metric and best proxy for the common good.

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About This Project