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PRESS: Brooklyn Papers, NY1 News

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http://www.brooklynpapers.com/html/issues/_vol29/29_48/29_48benches.html See it on page 13of the December 9th issue: “Here’s the deal with Billyburg benches.” “I don’t think she has to worry,” said police officer Rodney Larges. “I just used it to tie my shoe.”

NY1 News interviewed me on December 11th “Benches Let Walkers Take A Break In Williamsburg” http://www.ny1.com/ny1/content/index.jsp?&aid=64979&search_result=1&stid=1

3 Responses to “PRESS: Brooklyn Papers, NY1 News”
  1. kenyatta Says:

    Speaking of press — good job on the NY1 interview this morning!

  2. Sir Alfred Marx Says:

    Fascinating bit on NY1. Good to put your lovely face with the art. Reminds me of an old teacher of mine who would sit by the bus stop on an old shooting stick. There is an owner of a dojo in Clinton Hill that puts chairs out by the bus stop during the day but takes them in at night. I like the idea of ‘reclaiming public space for the public’. Keep up the good work.

  3. Free Hiphop Now Syndicate Says:


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