Cross(x)Species Dinner Cambridge + NYC

Water as Food: Adventures in Possible Water Futures

Through the lens of crisis, scarcity + as an incendiary security issue, we have come to understand water as a scarce resource, or even the oil of the c21. But this idea of water, as commodity, does not do justice to the ubiquity + juicy fleshiness of water – speaking as, + addressing you as water which, to a first approximation, we indeed are as water constitutes every cell in our bodies […. + similarly the remainder of biology + food]. Nor does it help us understand [nonchlorinated] water as teeming habitat,  as a soup of bacteria + microorganisms – + healthier for it. Or how levels of PCBs in our urban bodies of water reflect hauntingly similar concentrations in our own bodies. + why living close to a river or pollution source has no effect on these blood levels, but what we eat does.

Here in the verdant northeast with the most consistent precipitation in the country (+ the world), we offer a tastier view of water than as mere abstracted commodity. Here, where the eutrophication of fresh water systems, the threats posed by natural gas prospecting + the complexity of biogeochemical processes defy economic abstraction + challenge our science, water may be best understood through the precise analytic tools of our tongues + our gastronomy. In theWATER AS FOOD dinner, we will explore our collective relationship to water + our capacity to improve this through redesigning our food + food systems.

At the workshop, we will venture into new ideas to engineer novel textures + tastes; delve into sous vide + low-temperature cooking, a process which integrally relies upon a precisely controlled water bath; + variously infuse; freeze: pressurize; explode;  shave + chew on water.

At the dinner, in each of 5+ paired courses, we will explore water equivalents, shadow water, green, blue + grey water…. all of which quantify the water required in the various stages of the production + digestion of a particular food, ranging from lettuces to beef, to trace the complex distribution + transformation of this transparent substance of life.

We seek to reincorporate, reimagine + recontextualise our collective water future through the course of a tasty communal adventure. Join us!



EXPLORE emerging food systems that augment biodiversity + improve environmental health.

INVEST in a biodiverse future.

4PM Workshop on sous vide + low-temp cooking, $35/pp.
7PM Dinner including five+ paired courses, $110/pp.

RSVP seats reserved on a first come first serve basis.

CONTACT Louisa McCall, Artists in contact Co-Director, with any questions and/or dietary restrictions.

Dress adventurous!

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