Amphibious Architecture

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Amphibious Architecture submerges ubiquitous computing into the water—that 90% of the Earth’s inhabitable volume that envelops New York City but remains under-explored and under-engaged. Two networks of floating interactive tubes, installed at sites in the East River and the Bronx River, house a range of sensors below water and an array of lights above water. The sensors monitor water quality, presence of fish, and human interest in the river ecosystem. The lights respond to the sensors and create feedback loops between humans, fish, and their shared environment. An SMS interface allows citizens to text-message the fish, to receive real-time information about the river, and to contribute to a display of collective interest in the environment.

Instead of treating the rivers with a “do-not-disturb” approach, the project encourages curiosity and engagement. Instead of treating the water as a reflective surface to mirror our own image and our own architecture, the project establishes a two-way interface between environments of land and water. In two different neighborhoods of New York, the installation creates a dynamic and captivating layer of light above the surface of the river. It makes visible the invisible, mapping a new ecology of people, marine life, buildings, and public space and sparking public interest and discussion.

Text the rivers now by sending “EastRiver” or “BronxRiver” to 41411.


Bronx River – Bronx River Art Center
East River – Pier 35 / Rutgers Slip


Mark Bain
David Benjamin
Amelia Black
Natalie Jeremijenko
Abha Kataria
Jonathan Laventhol
Deborah Richards
Zenon Tech-Czarny
Kevin Wei
Chris Woebken
Soo-In Yang


Bronx River Alliance
Bronx River Art Center
J.A. McDermott Lighting Corp.
New York City Economic Development Corporation
New York University Department of Art
New York University Computer Science Department
SHoP Architects
Silver Screen Marine
Studio-X at Columbia GSAPP


Steven Garcia
Yong Julee
Donghyuk Chang
Jamie Kim
Laura Vincent
Seong Kyn Han
James Yoon
Anastasiya Konopitskaya
Anna Sawicka (Anka)
Kianga Ford
Thomas Stroman
Jörg Thöne
Junho Cho
Moon Young Kim
Kyung Jae Kim
Brain Sweeney
Zachary Colbert
Eva Lansberry
Stephen Man
Adam Brown
Daehee Lee
Jung Gu Kim
Jorden Lu
Younjung Kim
Sidharth Kadian
Steve Sanderson
Cathy Jones
E Harper Jeremijenko Conley
Yo Jeremijenko Conley
Dalton Conley