xSpecies Adventure Club


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The Cross(x)Species adventure club enlists people to taste a biodiverse and delicious future, and furthermore, to engage in enticing experiments, invest in food innovation, and participate in re-designing our collective relationship to natural systems.

Food can not only be redesigned to reduce the environmental costs, but to promote, augment and remediate ecosystems –greatly amplifying a positive androgenic effect. This requires understanding the food web and community structure, chemistry, nutrient cycles and organisms behavior within the context of complex ecological systems.

Like the web 2.0 of the food systems, the cross(x)species adventure club guides us towards a participatory, DIY, and multi-platform food systems (to complement centralized control under the FDA regulating service). In short food as a medium of art, adventure, pleasure and agency.

Past Events

04.16.2011 IN THE BLACK, Postmasters Gallery, NY
03.10.2011 SMOKE. SOIL + ASH, Postmasters Gallery, NY
12.19.2010 EAT ME!, Postmasters Gallery, NY
12.02.2010 Adventures in Melbourne, Carbon Arts
08.21.2010 Oil Spill Event, Neuberger Museum
06.19.10 xSpecies dinner, Eyebeam
03.15.10 xSpecies Edible Cocktails, Eyebeam


The Host: Natalie Jeremijenko
Chief Gastronomer: Mihir Desai
Emilie Baltz
Jia Zhang
Cathrine Kramer

Future Events

07.27.2011 Boston ESTUARY, THE DINNER
07.29.2011 New York ESTUARY, THE DINNER
09.23.2011 New York
09.24.2011 Boston
10.21.2011 New York
10.22.2011 Boston
12.09.2011 New York
12.10.2011 Boston