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Cross(x)Species Adventure Club:

The February 12th Cross(x)Species Adventure Club dinner will be at Postmasters Gallery, in the exhibition on Jennifer and Kevin McCoy’s brilliant take on Abu Dhabi. We will explore the possible foods and food systems of Abu Dhabi, UAE and Queensland, Australia, that is, two extreme socio-ecological contexts when it comes to precipitation. In AUH and its surroundings, desalination plants turn oil into water; in BNE, the floodwaters have swept away the coal industry, thousands of cars, and tragically, some children, challenging the very definition of contemporary urban infrastructure.  (The area flooded covers approximately twenty (20) Northeastern states and yesterday was also hit by a bigger than Katrina hurricane, wiping out many of the bananas of the southern hemisphere.

The comparison is extremely delicious, thanks to Mihir, and offers a tour of post-predictable climate food systems; and the rise of controlled-environment agriculture on which we increasingly depend. The relationship between energy and water needs major redesign, and given that the biggest force manipulating these vast landscapes are human appetites, we find ourselves eating and drinking our way through the possibilities.

In the workshop we’ll do a water tasting, explore recipes for soil and enjoy some desert desserts. And given Valentine’s Day, yes, we’ll have a special edition of hearts, also known as the central coordinator for logistics and distribution in biological systems—for some lessons from the heart.

The romance, the adventure, the suspense…

A special non-human guest will be the in-season aphrodisiac who doubles as a local environmental superhero (think Superman as centerfold): Crassostrea virginica or the (Clark-Kent-Eeastern) oyster. For the hardy, we will venture to local bi-valve restoration sites before the gastronomical workshop, and over pre-dinner drinks we beam in Dhangal and Gotha, experts on food as ecosystem and place, from Central Australia. Join us!

This on-going lifestyle experiment is created by Natalie Jeremijenko,(celebrated environmental artist) Mihir Desai (gastronomist superstar), Emilie Baltz (design extraordinaire) of Fork & Design, and other intelligent creatures for humans and non-humans to explore a tasty, biodiverse future. Each Cross(x)Species event explores our gastronomic, economic and material interdependency on other intelligent and delicious creatures with a heady mix of art, food and science. Places are strictly limited. Bookings essential.

“Like the web 2.0 of the food systems, the Cross(x)Species Adventure Club provides a participatory, DIY, and multi-platform food systems approach; in short, food as a medium of art, adventure, pleasure and agency.” – Eyebeam, New York.


10 am
Oyster Tour                                 $20

Cross(x)Species Adventure Club tour of local oyster repopulation projects in New York/New Jersey estuary, i.e. not far away

6 pm

Skype lecture from Dhäŋgal and Gotha in Central Australia on turtles, bees and honey, stingrays, shellfish and crocodiles as food and as part of the ecosystem and place

4 pm
Workshop                                    $35

Gastronomical workshop introducing molecular gastronomy techniques, crocodile meat, and the vagaries of the post-climate seasonal resources.

7 pm
Cross(x)Species Dinner        $110

An extravagant 5 course Cross(x)Species dining experience for the adventurous. Delicious edibles with paired alcoholic drinks to explore the pleasures of food systems that augment biodiversity and improve environmental health.


POSTMASTERS GALLERY 40° 44′ 42.5328″N  74° 0′ 19.404″W
Postmasters Gallery, 459 West 19 Street, New York, NY 10011




For more information and media materials please contact Paulina at: paulinabebecka [at] gmail [dot] com


$125 participation in the Oyster Tour, Workshop and Dinner.
$110 Dinner only
$35 Workshop only
$20 Oyster Tour only

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