X Species Adventure Club EAT ME @ Postmasters Gallery

For the EAT ME exhibition curated by Paulina Bebecka at Postmasters the Cross(x)Species Adventure Club dinner will explore the pleasures of indulging and the important question: can our personal and public pleasures become a potent force of environmental transformation?  The answer is yes, of course, since this is the very charge of the Cross(x)Species Adventure club, but we will chart a map for adventurous eaters, and launch the schedule for continued ecological and edible adventures for the new year.  Apt for the season of excess, we explore the excesses of “post-climate” seasons, and what these new ecological patterns mean for possible food systems.

A special non-human guest will be the in-season aphrodisiac who doubles as a local environmental superhero (think Superman as centerfold): Crassostrea virginica or the (Clark-Kent-Eeastern) oyster. For the hardy, we will venture to local bi-valve restoration sites before the gastronomical workshop, and over pre-dinner drinks we beam in Dhangal and Gotha, experts on food as ecosystem and place, from Central Australia. Join us!

This on-going lifestyle experiment is created by Natalie Jeremijenko,(celebrated environmental artist) Mihir Desai (gastronomist superstar), Emilie Baltz (design extraordinaire) of Fork & Design, and other intelligent creatures for humans and non-humans to explore a tasty, biodiverse future. Each Cross(x)Species event explores our gastronomic, economic and material interdependency on other intelligent and delicious creatures with a heady mix of art, food and science. Places are strictly limited. Bookings essential.

“Like the web 2.0 of the food systems, the Cross(x)Species Adventure Club provides a participatory, DIY, and multi-platform food systems approach; in short, food as a medium of art, adventure, pleasure and agency.” – Eyebeam, New York.


10 am
Oyster Tour                                 $20

Cross(x)Species Adventure Club tour of local oyster repopulation projects in New York/New Jersey estuary, i.e. not far away

6 pm

Skype lecture from Dhäŋgal and Gotha in Central Australia on turtles, bees and honey, stingrays, shellfish and crocodiles as food and as part of the ecosystem and place

4 pm
Workshop                                    $35

Gastronomical workshop introducing molecular gastronomy techniques, crocodile meat, and the vagaries of the post-climate seasonal resources.

7 pm
Cross(x)Species Dinner        $110

An extravagant 5 course Cross(x)Species dining experience for the adventurous. Delicious edibles with paired alcoholic drinks to explore the pleasures of food systems that augment biodiversity and improve environmental health.


POSTMASTERS GALLERY 40° 44′ 42.5328″N  74° 0′ 19.404″W
Postmasters Gallery, 459 West 19 Street, New York, NY 10011




For more information and media materials please contact Paulina at: paulinabebecka [at] gmail [dot] com


$125 participation in the Oyster Tour, Workshop and Dinner.
$110 Dinner only
$35 Workshop only
$20 Oyster Tour only

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